#841 Rocky Road

18th April 2022 in Long Way Around - Part Two
#841 Rocky Road
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Author Notes:

FreyFox 18th Apr 2022, 12:00 AM
Based loosely on an idea a fan suggested to me :)


Fox-Jake 18th Apr 2022, 12:01 AM
Section79 18th Apr 2022, 12:02 AM
Oh, God. I hope they didn’t steer that rock into the path of innocent people.
FreyFox 24th Apr 2022, 12:39 AM
Doubt it was someone out there in the wilderness... certain other things though...
Kevin_Redcrow 18th Apr 2022, 12:06 AM
Now there's a good deed guaranteed to be punished.
GoodKaptainKook 18th Apr 2022, 12:38 AM
Jesus, did they start a rock slide by doing that? Twins possibly about to commit accidental manslaughter here
Thisa Lucas 18th Apr 2022, 12:40 AM
Thisa Lucas
Randy Ringtail 18th Apr 2022, 1:37 AM
Wonder what that rock hit to cause such a reaction? XD
FurrySunny 18th Apr 2022, 7:31 AM
"Ummm... what town did we just crush?"
WaxBadger 18th Apr 2022, 12:43 PM
This better not come back to haunt them.
ecuadoris 18th Apr 2022, 3:35 PM
it could be worse, it could be a homicidal biker gang after them because Reggie accidentally stole a thing of drugs from them, OUT LAW CANTRY!!!!
FreyFox 18th Apr 2022, 3:42 PM
That sounds more like something Trevor would do XD
Anonymous 19th Apr 2022, 12:25 PM
A reference to GTA V?
Long Tom 18th Apr 2022, 11:41 PM
Long Tom
Did it land on a pig?
Guest 21st Apr 2022, 10:39 PM
The rock hit a vehicle, didn't it?
FreyFox 22nd Apr 2022, 12:24 AM
Well some kind of inanimate object
Shaggy 23rd Apr 2022, 3:25 PM
What happened?
Excelsior_Thirty 24th Apr 2022, 6:07 AM
At least no cameras are in the area!
(Well, if they're still in Yellowstone or the nearby southern park, Grand Teton, The National Park Service Rangers could get them with their mono/binoculars if they are lucky...)
David31 10th Jun 2022, 1:32 AM
Wow....You actually used my idea?!

I'm very honoured and I loved this strip. Thank you. :-)
FreyFox 4th Jul 2022, 8:35 PM
You're welcome :)