#783 This Is A Low

16th July 2021 in An 80s Tale
#783 This Is A Low
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GoodKaptainKook 16th Jul 2021, 12:00 AM
There's nothing more sad than being a street musician begging for change...
Fox-Jake 16th Jul 2021, 12:01 AM
Brings back such painful memories of when my high school band broke up. :'(
FreyFox 17th Jul 2021, 12:15 AM
Yeah I had regrets after my high school band split, but my band I formed with college friends a few years later was good :)
Thisa Lucas 16th Jul 2021, 12:02 AM
Thisa Lucas
Gotta make use of the guitar somehow besides storage
Long Tom 16th Jul 2021, 3:10 AM
Long Tom
How about bending over and squealing (or not) for tourists?
FreyFox 17th Jul 2021, 12:16 AM
Stoke isn't as much of a tourist magnet as England's more famous cities. Still, got a fine big museum there :)
kennethsarmstrong 17th Jul 2021, 3:17 PM
What is the museum's name? I might want to visit it one day.
FreyFox 18th Jul 2021, 10:18 AM
Potteries Museum & Art Gallery
GoodKaptainKook 18th Jul 2021, 2:21 AM
This made me think of Deliverance *shudder*
Long Tom 16th Jul 2021, 11:17 AM
Long Tom
FreyFox 17th Jul 2021, 12:17 AM
Very fitting for the era too!
WaxBadger 16th Jul 2021, 2:10 PM
"I'll solve your Rubik's cube and I'll prove how perfect I am!"
Long Tom 17th Jul 2021, 1:35 AM
Long Tom
Years ago I read about an autistic boy who was handed a Rubik's Cube, which he never before encountered, and was able to solve it within a minute.
Prince Puppycorn 16th Jul 2021, 3:33 PM
If that passerby don’t like Tony changing the lyrics to the song, then wait a year or two when Weird Al comes around 😸
kennethsarmstrong 17th Jul 2021, 3:23 PM
Weird Al had a hit parody around 1980 called "Another One Rides the Bus".

" Eat It" first came out around June of 1985.
Long Tom 18th Jul 2021, 11:27 AM
Long Tom
Actually "Eat It" came out much sooner. I remember it.
kennethsarmstrong 19th Jul 2021, 9:27 PM
Looking back, I was thinking about when the video for “Eat It” premiered.
Shaggy 16th Jul 2021, 3:40 PM
Desperate times call for desperate measures
Excelsior_Thirty 16th Jul 2021, 4:36 PM
He's lucky that the Underground allows the musicians to play for money. Some other places of mass transit are just jerks not letting them do so.
FreyFox 16th Jul 2021, 8:34 PM
It's an underpass :)
kennethsarmstrong 21st Jul 2021, 3:42 AM
The Chicago Transit Authority is a little more understanding, provided that the buskers do not annoy the passengers at its subway platforms. The Authority has chased off performers on its L trains.

Peddlers selling single cigarettes and incense on the train persist, however.
FreyFox 21st Jul 2021, 9:55 AM
When I rode on the transit system to Long Beach there were peddlers selling things like batteries.
kennethsarmstrong 21st Jul 2021, 2:14 PM
Something tells me that most of what they sell is counterfeit. That is the same on the CTA.
kennethsarmstrong 16th Jul 2021, 7:23 PM
I am afraid to ask about what happened to all the royalties that Tony earned with the band.

That's right, the band's manager embezzled most of its royalties. I hope that Trevor is paying attention. You never know what your manager might do behind your back.
Mr. Initial Man 16th Jul 2021, 7:46 PM
I've actually done busking. I'm... really glad I just do it for spare change, rather than as a job.
FreyFox 17th Jul 2021, 12:18 AM
Nothing wrong with that!
ZsewqTheWolf 17th Jul 2021, 3:06 AM
i guess in the uk there was no male strip club yet
FreyFox 17th Jul 2021, 10:32 AM
Oh there were plenty of gay clubs there in the 1980s
Long Tom 18th Jul 2021, 4:22 PM
Long Tom
Understandably he would have to be really desperate to enter one: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19915589/
ZsewqTheWolf 19th Jul 2021, 1:55 AM
so him in a stripper thong???????
FreyFox 20th Jul 2021, 1:16 AM
I don't think you understand what I meant.
ZsewqTheWolf 20th Jul 2021, 3:09 AM
was hopping to see that is all XP
Long Tom 20th Jul 2021, 11:31 PM
Long Tom
kennethsarmstrong 21st Jul 2021, 10:49 PM
I wonder why the record label dumped Rupert and the Rodents. Everyone remembered the band's songs from its back catalog.

I wonder whether the label noticed the band's manager was mooching off embezzling the band's royalties. The label dropped the band to avoid any future litigation.

The label also may have caught wind of tension within the band.