#866 The Road Ahead II

12th August 2022 in Long Way Around - Part Three
#866 The Road Ahead II
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GoodKaptainKook 12th Aug 2022, 12:02 AM
Maybe life in the country/a more rural area would be best for Reggie/Sasha? A lot more peaceful and quiet, if you want to get away from all the hubbub of city life it's perfect :D

Of course I know many city dwellers find the country a boring or scary place and would probably go mad from living there, but then again, people like me would not be at all home living in the city either :D I guess it depends on what you're used to and just how adaptable to new places you are...
FreyFox 12th Aug 2022, 6:44 AM
Personally it would be too much of a long shot to see them go somewhere in the middle of nowhere compared to LA. There's all kinds of places in between and to be honest I'm still deciding XD
ecuadoris 13th Aug 2022, 2:53 PM
The best analogy for you both, Country Mouse And City Mouse
Fox-Jake 12th Aug 2022, 12:07 AM
Back on the road.
WaxBadger 12th Aug 2022, 1:15 AM
There will be a lot to leave behind in LA no matter what happens for both of them, that being said I do think it's possible that there could be a different ending than the one we're being made to expect. Nothing is without surprise.
ecuadoris 13th Aug 2022, 2:56 PM
True for all we know that Black Panther family has younger brother who wants revenge and kills one of the twins to hurt Jason and Randall
FreyFox 14th Aug 2022, 12:36 AM
Don't be morbid
Shaggy 12th Aug 2022, 5:14 PM
I’ve always thought of where I would wanna live. It’s hard for real!
Excelsior_Thirty 14th Aug 2022, 6:46 PM
Ah, nice draw of Montréal!

Yeah, have family there, and I may move. However, from other posts like Shaggy, sometimes hostile families can be a factor when you move. And well, it's hard to think which would be a good place be-with family or be solo. So I'm teeter tottering about where I should be...
Let time and conditions tell you....
FreyFox 15th Aug 2022, 12:07 AM
No worries, and thanks!
GoodKaptainKook 15th Aug 2022, 12:00 AM
Also I just noticed a typo: "What will you *being* doing Reg?" Russ suddenly has been infected by the Bad Grammar Virus :D
FreyFox 15th Aug 2022, 12:06 AM
Well spotted! I’ll have to fix that ^^