#529 Team S.Tek

2nd March 2018 in Robot Ears, Stand By
#529 Team S.Tek
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FreyFox 2nd Mar 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
Team S.Tek competed in the last series of Robot Wars with "Push To Exit", the only front-hinged flipper in the main competition. And then along comes the twins with one of their own thinking they can do better! The fiends!

In reality Stephen McCulla and Anthony Murney were indeed part of Team S.Tek in Series 10, but are in fact best known for their reviews and sketches on Youtube. I strongly suggest you check their channels out and hit the subscribe button - they've both done me a big favour by agreeing to appear in this comic story :)

Stephen's channel (DarkLordSaxon)- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKX0bDtjCZ7nXGX1kNyRtGA
Anthony's channel (TwoPennyMilk 8908)- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTsJhwPj7UBH19gByj3CVQ


FeigeRoman 2nd Mar 2018, 12:01 AM edit delete reply
Erm...'show dogs'?
D-Rock 2nd Mar 2018, 6:45 AM edit delete reply
I recall a previous strip showing someone walking a regular dog. So those seem to still exist.
David31 2nd Mar 2018, 12:02 AM edit delete reply
It's nice to see that Russ and Reggie watch YouTube, as well as Robot Wars. ;) A real fanboy err rather fanfur moment. ;) :D
GoodKaptainKook 2nd Mar 2018, 12:02 AM edit delete reply
Similar robots vs. each other! :D

I must admit I'm always a *bit* skeptical about subscribing to people on other's recommendations-I know there's a lot of people who do that regardless anyways, but I always wonder, how many people do that because they legit are interested in their content rather than just blindly doing so because others tell them? I see the latter a LOT! :D
Shaggy 2nd Mar 2018, 12:12 AM edit delete reply
This looks like this'll get entertaining when the battle starts :-)
Fox Of Kings Island 2nd Mar 2018, 1:31 AM edit delete reply
Fox Of Kings Island
Are there any bets avail?
FreyFox 2nd Mar 2018, 10:25 AM edit delete reply
They have had sweepstakes in the past, I suppose that's sort of similar!
Captain Nathan 2nd Mar 2018, 6:06 PM edit delete reply
Love this comic! =)
Also, Frey, I think there's something wrong with the pictures of the characters in the cast page.
FreyFox 2nd Mar 2018, 8:00 PM edit delete reply
They look fine to me where I am. The cast page pictures are hosted by a different website so that couldve been it.
tom 4th Mar 2018, 5:20 PM edit delete reply
I have only found out about these comic strips from facebook and they are amazing
FreyFox 5th Mar 2018, 12:50 AM edit delete reply
Thank you :) I am glad you enjoy them!
Warner Republic 8th Mar 2018, 1:57 AM edit delete reply
Warner Republic
Here are the guest stars, and I must say, I love how, despite them being the opponents for this story arc, they show off as friendly fellows instead like the main cast's previous antagonists with sinister introductions. :)
FreyFox 8th Mar 2018, 5:05 PM edit delete reply
They are indeed opponents in that they have the same kind of robot, but at the end of the day they know it's a game and want to have fun like everyone else :)
Seizethemoment 14th Mar 2018, 7:48 AM edit delete reply
That's really cool of them to make a guest appearance!