#356 The Return Of The Parallel Park

20th November 2015 in Geraldine
#356 The Return Of The Parallel Park
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FreyFox 5th Nov 2015, 12:04 AM edit delete
The end... or is it?


David31 20th Nov 2015, 1:24 AM edit delete reply
Geraldine will return in.....Either a few months or the next strip? :D
Jake Elmer 20th Nov 2015, 2:53 PM edit delete reply
Of course she will
Russ needs a car to get around
Warner Republic 20th Nov 2015, 1:55 AM edit delete reply
Warner Republic
That's for trying to kill Linda! XD

ConvoyWolf 20th Nov 2015, 2:13 AM edit delete reply
LOL great reaction. Also on a side note that is such a great body style of GTX. They need to stick that in Forza 6
Tigerpool 20th Nov 2015, 2:21 AM edit delete reply
Lovers quarrel eh?
Ajay Parihar 21st Nov 2015, 3:56 AM edit delete reply
Oh Sh1t! There's no end to that ghost car.
Seizethemoment 21st Nov 2015, 5:20 AM edit delete reply
I like your depiction of Russ's reaction. From "huh?" to "Oh no you don't!" XD
Kangaar Foxfire 21st Nov 2015, 9:11 PM edit delete reply
Kangaar Foxfire
I'm not sure that's a wise thing for Russ to do. If his GTX is still possessed and retains the ability to repair itself then who knows what else it could do to anyone who hurts it (assuming of course the car can feel pain). The ability to re-mould metal, for example, might mean it could wrap some trim around someone.
D-Rock 23rd Nov 2015, 8:33 AM edit delete reply
"I want to restore you the old-fashioned way! With a lot of love, perseverance, and sweat!"
Karmakat 24th Nov 2015, 7:16 AM edit delete reply
hope you okay keenyfox
FreyFox 24th Nov 2015, 11:21 AM edit delete reply
Just trying to keep myself busy :) Thanks
Karmakat 24th Nov 2015, 5:15 PM edit delete reply
mostly worried not seeing an update lol
FreyFox 25th Nov 2015, 2:21 PM edit delete reply
I appreciate your concern. Next comic will be on New Year's Day ;) I'm going to be posting a pic on this site in regards to exactly what's happening in the next few days ;)
GoodKaptainKook 11th Dec 2015, 7:34 PM edit delete reply
Yep, I THOUGHT Geraldine wasn't dead. At least now hopefully she won't be evil and vengeful...?

Ah, parallel parking. It trips up so many people during their driving tests...I actually got parallel parking nearly perfect during my own driving test...Though that probably had to do with the fact that my folks made me practice a lot beforehand :)