#313 One Of Those Turns

22nd June 2015 in The Rusty Chef
#313 One Of Those Turns
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FreyFox 22nd Jun 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
There's a reference in here somewhere. Anyone guess? ;)


David31 22nd Jun 2015, 12:04 AM edit delete reply
So she's going to blow up the garage?

Also you censored one swear, but not the other?

Also poor Reggie, no wonder he needed that hug from Jason. ;)
Kangaar Foxfire 22nd Jun 2015, 2:56 AM edit delete reply
Kangaar Foxfire
Yes, there's certainly an inconsistency there - covering up the s-word but not the f-bomb.

I'm having a little difficulty understanding the last 2 frames. I presume Reg ran out after Imelda. But given his penchant for women and the number of them he's had, why would he get upset over losing one when he usually moves on to the next one?

Russel meanwhile seems to be acting with Reggie's normal petulance, rather than the extended shock I would expect from him.
FreyFox 22nd Jun 2015, 9:31 PM edit delete reply
He's upset because he's realised he's been used.
Dan 22nd Jun 2015, 12:09 AM edit delete reply
This won't end well in the next strip.

And which panel is the ref?
FreyFox 22nd Jun 2015, 9:30 PM edit delete reply
The last three ;)
Jake Elmer 22nd Jun 2015, 12:20 AM edit delete reply
Something tells me she's going to punch her Boyfriend straight in the face
Warner Republic 22nd Jun 2015, 3:21 AM edit delete reply
Warner Republic
@Jake Elmer

Looks like it.
johncrew 22nd Jun 2015, 12:38 AM edit delete reply
The Wall
Warner Republic 22nd Jun 2015, 3:15 AM edit delete reply
Warner Republic
Poor Reggie. He really loved that dirty kitty! :(

I noticed that Russell gave Imelda the crossed arms. Haven't seen that for years.
FeigeRoman 22nd Jun 2015, 4:04 AM edit delete reply
Pink Floyd, The Wall, One of My Turns.

God, I love that song! "Take that, fuckers!"
FreyFox 22nd Jun 2015, 9:32 PM edit delete reply
Definitely :) I don't know if it'd be in my top five, because there's so many to choose from.
FeigeRoman 22nd Jun 2015, 4:07 AM edit delete reply
Also, I think you've got Russell and Reggie mixed up in the last panel.
FeigeRoman 25th Jun 2015, 9:38 PM edit delete reply
Oh, hang on, I've just noticed it's Russ yelling at Reggie.
D-Rock 22nd Jun 2015, 7:41 AM edit delete reply
Well, quite a bit happened here.
Tigerpool 22nd Jun 2015, 2:52 PM edit delete reply
and then a house fell on her! >:(
Ryker Malone 22nd Jun 2015, 6:52 PM edit delete reply
Hopefully Reggie is running back to Howard.
Shockey Rai 22nd Jun 2015, 6:56 PM edit delete reply
Shockey Rai
Figures she would snap sooner or later. :P
Ajay Parihar 23rd Jun 2015, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
I see an uncensored swear, I think they uncensored the d-word, s-word in PG-13 shows.
GoodKaptainKook 10th Dec 2015, 7:18 PM edit delete reply
Poor Reg. Never a good thing to be used by someone...Good riddance to her! :)

Is this the first time you've left a "naughty" word uncensored in the strip? I'm not bothered by that, just kind of surprised to see that :D
FreyFox 12th Dec 2015, 10:02 PM edit delete reply
It was an oversight on my part. :P
LOlivier 29th Jul 2018, 10:09 PM edit delete reply
I think i did spotted the ref':

This Page maybe?

Or maybe is it an Anglophone expression, and so just a coincidence?
GoodKaptainKook 7th Sep 2019, 1:54 AM edit delete reply
Frey, you might find this amusing: Imelda is actually on the list of Atlantic tropical storm/hurricane names this year and is possibly about to form very soon. Considering how topsy-turvy this character turned Reggie's life for a while, I guess it works for a tropical storm name :D