#307 Paintball

1st June 2015 in The Rusty Chef
#307 Paintball
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FreyFox 1st Jun 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
Quick reappearance of Randall for you Randall fans :) He'll appear more in the next story I promise ^^.


David31 1st Jun 2015, 12:01 AM edit delete reply
Randall will probably want to blow something up no doubt? :D

Yeah, maybe paintball isn't such a good idea for a first date Reg? :D
Jake Elmer 1st Jun 2015, 12:39 AM edit delete reply
I'm a wiz at PaintBall :)
Jake Elmer 1st Jun 2015, 12:44 AM edit delete reply
Plus I agree maybe next time just go out to dinner OK Reg
Kangaar Foxfire 1st Jun 2015, 3:14 AM edit delete reply
Kangaar Foxfire
Paintball and romance? It's succeeded elsewhere. Way up north... :)
FeigeRoman 1st Jun 2015, 6:40 AM edit delete reply
If she'd been pointing that thing a few degrees further up, there'd have been an even louder scream!
FTL 1st Jun 2015, 2:13 PM edit delete reply
@Kangaar Foxfire:- Heh, nice reference... wonder why that came to mind the moment some paintballs showed up? Somehow I don't think Reg will do as well as Swampy and Jake ;-)
Kangaar Foxfire 1st Jun 2015, 10:43 PM edit delete reply
Kangaar Foxfire
@FTL Paintballs and romance. Not a combination you see often, so yes that came to mind very swiftly. :)
Ajay Parihar 1st Jun 2015, 6:53 PM edit delete reply
I've seen people in the coast of South Africa with Baboons invading their homes. A couple of guys use paintball guns to scare them away and the paintballs hurt like hell.
Warner Republic 2nd Jun 2015, 4:48 AM edit delete reply
Warner Republic
Karma, you sneaky kitty!! XD
Seizethemoment 6th Jun 2015, 7:33 PM edit delete reply
Ouch! XD
GoodKaptainKook 10th Dec 2015, 7:02 PM edit delete reply
Oh c'mon, I'm sure she's got plenty more shoes at home...Never quite got what it is with women and shoes! :D

Paintball...maybe not the best choice for a first date? :D