#127 Lost

17th September 2013 in Duel
#127 Lost
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David31 17th Sep 2013, 12:37 AM
Oh boy, looks like that trucker may get the last laugh after all...unless the driver too offers to help push, but why do I get the feeling the brothers aren't going to like what happens next? :D
Kangaar Foxfire 17th Sep 2013, 5:04 AM
This wouldn't happen to turn out like the scene in Doc Hollywood where the good Samaritan gets his car trashed by an oncoming truck?
ThomasKDye 18th Sep 2013, 12:30 AM
Um, they're in America, y'know. ;)

"Sat-Navs, you know, satellite navigation systems..."
"What now?"
Kangaar Foxfire 18th Sep 2013, 3:19 AM
Y'know I never noticed that before. They're called "sat navs" here in Oz too. Gotta be one of the few occasions that this country hasn't followed American naming conventions.
FreyFox 18th Sep 2013, 3:28 PM
A good call there. Typically the English characters speak with English naming conventions and the American ones with American ones. Sadly there was only so much to fit into one page ^^.
David31 18th Sep 2013, 4:17 PM
This badger must have studied on the differences between American and British English. ;)
D-Rock 19th Sep 2013, 6:35 AM
I don't think I would trust this guy with directions anymore.

Also, I've never seen a school bus with a GPS.
Bob Anthrocoon Nelson 20th Sep 2013, 6:46 AM
note one of the kids giving the middle finger; how can they give a middle finger with only 4 fingers?
GoodKaptainKook 8th Dec 2015, 7:13 PM
School buses have GPSes? Since when? :D

Sure the twins may be good samaritans here, but they've still got the truck driver from hell after them...
Section79 8th Jun 2017, 2:57 AM
Schools buses don't usually have GPS systems. Schools probably can't afford them! LOL